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Yellow Poplar Veneer, Tupelo Veneer, Sweet Gum Veneer, Red Gum Veneer, Black Gum Veneer, Sycamore Veneer, Ash Veneer, Maple Veneer  

Veneer Grades


Musical Grade.  #1 Cross band grade with no defects to be used   in musical instruments. 


Cross Band   Select.  #1 Cross band grade   with no defects to be used against thin 1/32” faces.  Can be graded for   color.

Sound.  Contains no open voids, but does allow solid   knots.  Can be graded for color.


Log Run.  Used primarily for core stock.  Open   voids up to 1.5” wide are allowed.


Upholstery   Grade.  Used for Seat backs,   shells, and arms to be upholstered.  This grade is cut from a less   expensive log.


Our  Veneer is used in the following products

 Musical instruments

Fine furniture and Casegoods

Curved plywood

Upholstery Frames

Plywood quarter rounds and half   rounds

Molded plywood

Rotary die boards

Architectural millwork

Commercial fixtures and cabinetry

Yacht and Motor Coach interiors