Job experience and references are critical in the hiring process and any details provided on the application about work experience will be factored in.  The job candidate should feel free to add pages to the application to detail all relevant job history, skills and responsibility.  References from former employers are heavily weighted and the contact names and phone numbers of former employers are required.

Truax Veneer uses the Georgia Work Ready (GWR) program to assist in assessing the academic skill level of prospective employees. Job candidates must complete the GWR exam and the resulting test scores are used as part of the initial screening process.

Please see the following web site for more details on where to take the Work Ready Exam.

The Toombs County assessment schedule and phone numbers are listed on the following page:

Truax is a “Drug Free Workplace” and pre-employment drug screens and background checks are required.


Job Openings

At this time Truax is not actively hiring for open positions but we are accepting applications at our physical address.